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Re: occam for ARM

In message <199802091525.PAA19344@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, phw
<P.H.Welch@xxxxxxxxx> writes
>I'd like to get occam on the ARM/StrongARM also.  Embedded Solutions Ltd.
>are selling their Handel-C targetted at ARM/FPGA or ARM-core-plus-ASICs.
>One selling point is that you program the ARM in C/C++ and the FPGA or ASIC
>in Handel-C, which is a C/C++-like language.

It would be interesting to see if the ARM/FPGA could be combined with
the "OS-Link to Processor Interface" (OSPI) being developed by Brian
O'Neill's team at Nottingham Trent for the SA-110 StrongArm processor.
There is a paper about it at


if you are interested. Apparently the current implementation combines an
SDRAM memory interface, twin DMA controller (one each for TX/RX),
interupt controller, timer (32bits @ 1Mhz), and an OS-link interface,
can be clocked at 30Mhz, and uses 20,000 gates on an ALTERA Flex 10K
series FPGA.

>Actually, Handel-C is just occam1 with curly brackets, lower-case key words
>and a C for-loop!


Even with transputers being discontinued, it is nice to see some light
at the ends of a few of the side tunnels.

Mark Booth