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Re: occam for ARM

Hi Ian,

> Does anyone know of an occam compiler for the Acorn ARM/StrongARM?

Contact Ruth Ivimey-Cook at:


She works for Olivetti and is on the WoTUG committee.  She was trying to
get something done but has stalled for lack of time ... I don't think much
progress happened ...

I'd like to get occam on the ARM/StrongARM also.  Embedded Solutions Ltd.
are selling their Handel-C targetted at ARM/FPGA or ARM-core-plus-ASICs.
One selling point is that you program the ARM in C/C++ and the FPGA or ASIC
in Handel-C, which is a C/C++-like language.

Actually, Handel-C is just occam1 with curly brackets, lower-case key words
and a C for-loop!

The real uniform technology would be to program the FPGA, the ASIC and
the ARM in the *same* language -- occam!



PS. How're things?!!