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EuroPar'97 - see http://brahms.fmi.uni-passau.de/cl/europar97/

I have found the programme for EuroPar '97 interesting, both for what it
includes (which is a lot) and also what it omits (which is IMO

In one particular hightlight of the conference, Prof. Hoare will give an
invited talk which will discuss how paradigms first diverge and are then
unified, cyclically. He will suggest a time for unification of the many
divergent ideas in parallel programming.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend. I am interested to hear what
impressions people do get who attend. Perhaps it would be useful to know
whether CSP or occam are ever mentioned (they do not feature in the
programme of papers) and if not, any suggestions why this particular
sector of parallel computing is under-represented.

Also, the tutorial on concurrent Java programming is intriguing. It
seems the Java-PP ideas have not reached many quarters. The tutor, Prof.
Wirsing, appears to be unaware of them.

Richard Beton BSc CPhys MInstP
Roke Manor Research Limited
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