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Deadlock free routing (2)

27 June 1997

Thanks for all the replies!

I have looked in "Engineering real time systems", Rolv Br{k and 
\ystein Haugen, Prentice Hall, 1993, where it says on page 233:

    "SDL synchronization is time-independent, using an asynchronoues medium
    with infinite buffer capacity. (..Stuff deleted.).
    To be general, one must deal with the buffer overflow problem
    by delaying the producer when the buffer reaches its naximum capacity.
    In consequence, output from an SDL process may have to be delayed 
    until the receiving buffer is ready. This deviation from SDL semantics
    can hardly be avoided in a finite implementation."

Q5. Just a thought: 
    What would occam have been if we had had this model in the bottom?

Q6. Denis Nicole writes:
    > > Q3. VCR under occam is deadlock free. Occam is blocking on communication.
    > >     Does VCR depend on a certain amount of buffering to achieve
    > >     the deadlock free properties?

    > Yes, but not because of occam.
    Could you explain?

Q7. Where would I find
    "TRANSNET - A Transputer-Based Communication Service"
    Proc. 10th OUG, April 1989, in Enschede pp 198-212 

Q8. I am right in saying that the SPOC implementation has deadlock-free
    routing, amd I?

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