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Re: Scala-Exchange - Concurrency is a Big Deal in Scala

On 23 November 2012 14:07, Fred Barnes <F.R.M.Barnes@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It's probably safe to say that we can take any Actor system and implement
it as a CSP-style system (perhaps with pi-calculus flavoured dynamics as you
have in JCSP, JCSP.net and occam-pi) -- simple, just use an AnyToOne channel,
or equivalent shared channel bundles in occam-pi. ÂHowever, the other way
around doesn't work so cleanly; Âthe Actor model is only good for problems
that fit; Âit's not a general solution to concurrent programming.

That was my thinking too - actors represent a subset of what is possible with CSP, and actors therefore provide a less-general abstraction. So I am wondering about what's possible in terms of changing Akka to make the input queue pluggable - I talked with Roland Kuhn about this and hope to contact Jonas Boner too (both being Akka architects). If this were possible, the other infrastructure they provide would be very beneficial for allowing more general concurrent programs to be expressed. At least, that's my hope.