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RE: Intel: timely article

Quoting "Chalmers, Kevin" <K.Chalmers@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I agree with Paul on this and think it would be very interesting from
> both our point of view and Lee's if he would come as a speaker.  Not
> only do we have an external point of view on what we are doing, but we
> can supply a very strong knowledge background to Lee.  Judging by his
> article he is unaware of our work, although he does come very close.
> And looking at his acknowledgements he has a number of contacts that
> could be useful, such as Google and Microsoft for the more industry
> focussed among us, and a number of universities in the US for the more
> academic.


I think you'll find that Ed Lee is not as unaware of the work doen by the
CSP/occam community as your note above implies. The Ptolemy II toolkit, which
is Lee's primary project, includes a "CSP domain" (information available at
>From the description of the CSP domain available at the URL I just gave it's
clear that the Ptolemy group is aware of CSP at least up to Hoare's book, as
well as some of Reed and Roscoe's work on Timed CSP. It's not obvious whether
or not they know anything about the newer work being done on CSP, but they are
certainly not ignorant of CSP.

One thing that strikes me as interesting is that Ptolemy implements its
different models of computation as Java objects. I wonder how much effort it
would be to integrate either JCSP or CTJ into the Ptolemy framework. Such an
integration would have mutual benefits: for the CSP community it would bring
JCSP/CTJ to a wider audience (with a graphical front end); for the Ptolemy
project it potentially provides a much richer and more robust CSP domain.

Allan McInnes <amcinnes@xxxxxxxxxx>
PhD Candidate
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Utah State University