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Re: Intel: timely article

Thanks for advertising this.
I read this article this morning - I recommend it to everyone.
It's author is saying the sort of things we've been hearing at CPA for many many years. It may be time to dust off some old papers and re-work them for publication now it seems the world is more receptive to listening to them (I'm especially thinking of a couple of presentations from Peter Welch on 1. Deadlock freedom by design and 2. How program segments need to be understandable within themselves and not require understanding of other segments they interact with). IEEE Computer is as good a forum as any, its readership includes the people that we should be reaching and it is, I hope, acceptable for RAE.
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Just to add another article to the argument, anyone with access to IEEE Computer should take a look at âThe Problem with Threadsâ in the May 2006 issue (pages 33-42).  Here is someone outside the community (as far as I can tell) developing a framework that uses âCSP-like concurrencyâ.  They even mention the occam word, but have no references to anything done at CPA!  I would say that we are doing what the industry wants; just no one knows weâre doing it.  Getting under an IEEE or ACM umbrella may not be appealing to all, but getting into the major search databases is.


The name of the framework designed is Ptolemy II and can be found at http://ptolemy.berkeley.edu/ptolemyII/


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