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Re: AW: The world needs process-orientation

On 6/15/06, tjoccam@xxxxxxxxxxx <tjoccam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I like the idea of a scripting language. A robust OS connection that
forces it to be sane in resource usage could make scripting harnesses
possible. All of these things might be possible by using a SUBSET of
currently available stuff, chosen so that all the metaphoric garbage
design is excluded.

Larry Dickson

A dedicated script language sounds like a good approach to me.  I'd
like to see an occam-script added to the list of implementations at


I think that would be an easy on-ramp for the curious (including
myself), and a good test/demo of the new scripting framework as well.

(I think Groovy extensions are a fine idea, too, but a dedicated
script that was built with CSP at its core might be an even more
effective recruiting tool.)

Joe Bowbeer ~ irishexperiencegigs.thruhere.net