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Re: Is OO a deliberate fraud?

On 6/8/06, Jim Davies <Jim.Davies@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Many of the books on OO are quite unhelpful.  But that's down to the
generally poor state of the publishing industry - I don't think that
it indicates any increase in the amount of bad science; in fact, I
think that the science is in rude health.  Around here, certainly.

Some of those books may be so unhelpful - wrong, even - as to
constitute fraud, but there is nothing deliberate there.  And the
fraud has nothing to do with the substance of OO; it is the product of
bandwagon-jumping and self-promotion.

And I shouldn't pay it any mind, if I were you.  The concurrency
revolution is here, and whatever solution emerges will need to extend
existing object technology, even if only at the design level.

I agree with your statements about the publishing industry.  It's hard
to find a good book!

Nevertheless, Brian Goetz and our Java Concurrency Utilities Expert
Group (JSR-166) made a valiant attempt to beat the curve :-)

 Java Concurrency in Practice

I'd be interested to hear your comments.

I'd also love to read a short, example-filled book about CSP or other
process-oriented approaches to programming.  I'm thinking of something
with the form of JavaSpaces(*), only about CSP.  A lean, efficient
volume with a generous complement of novel concepts and useful

(*) http://java.sun.com/developer/Books/JavaSpaces/

Joe Bowbeer ~ joebowbeer.thruhere.net