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Hi everybody,

I have been using the CSTimer and Alternative classes in JCSP. I noticed there is no 'getAlarm()' method to match the 'setAlarm(long)' method of CSTimer. Is there a reason why this cannot be provided?

Suppose I have a throttle thread that allows messages through at a timed rate. It has a command channel by which I can control the rate. My thread includes a CSTimer. Each iteration, this blocks the thread inside an alt.priSelect() (giving priority to pre-emptive commands whilst waiting for the timeout). If a command to change the rate is received, the CSTimer alarm needs changing, but I don't know what the original alarm was unless I keep my own copy of it - surely redundant. A 'getAlarm()' method would appear to be needed.

Aside from this, I might add that CSTimer is very easy to use and makes such tasks nice and easy.


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