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Re: JCSP Network Edition now available from Quickstone Technologies Limited.

.NET may be copyrighted by Microsoft, but surely not everything ending
with ".net", especially when the "net" is in small letters.

What about java.net? jcsp.net is the same thing; it is the network
package of JCSP, such as java.net is the network package of Java. This
seems very logical to me. Or what about all the websites with a .net

No one would seriously consider those things related to Microsoft's .NET
stuff. I would rather put it the other way: it is not very sensible of
Microsoft to use such a common thing like "dottnett" as the name for
their technology. Especially as they were later than all the mentioned.


"Lewandowski, Andrzej" wrote:
> >
> > I've put up the slides (Powerpoint and PDF) of a paper I've just given
> > on JCSP.net.  Please take a look ... it's kind-a-neat ;).  As well as
> > describing JCSP.net for users, it outlines some of the
> > technical design
> JCSP.net is a bit confusing. Postfix .NET is well defined in the industry,
> and using
> it would create the impression that JCSP is .NET technology. In addition, it
> seems that
> .NET is trademarked.
> Anyway, I would like to see CSP.NET. If you (or Quickstone) has the stuff, I
> would
> purchase it immediately.
> A.L.