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Re: FYI...

Andrzej Lewandowski wrote:

> >
> > Just received a message from an ex-student who is working for a
> > Salt Lake City
> > firm on real-time and embedded systems with Java:
> >
> > http://jcx.systronix.com/
> >
> > Dyke.
> >
> Be specific: systems or toys?...

As i don't know the student i don't know what he is doing at Systronics,
but Systronics builds similar hardware in the US as we do in Europe,
only they base it mostly on the 8Bit version of the aJile Realtime Java
Processor, and we use the 32Bit version. Systronics has released the
JStamp, which is a simm sized 8Bit microcontroller board and has a
baseboard as well. We build a dimm sized board with the 32Bit version,
and 2 boards, 1 development kit, and 1 baseboard which also holds an
Xilinx II FPGA.


> A.L.


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