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Re: [JSR 166 (Concurrency utilities)]

Olivier Lefevre wrote something like:

> Can you comment on how usable java.util.concurrent
> will be if the JVM enhancements aren't made?

I'l let Doug comment on how likely it is they will be made, but as to how
usable java.util.concurrent will be without them, I can say that Doug's
existing util.concurrent package is serving as the basis for the Concurrency
Utils JSR, and none of it requires these enhancements.


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The JSR says (section 2.5)

> However, there are a few critical JVM/language enhancements
> surrounding atomicity and monitors necessary to obtain efficient
> and correct semantics.

I am surprised that this didn't kill the proposal, especially the
JVM bit... Can you comment on the likelihood that these enhancements
will be made and how usabel java.util.concurrent will be if they aren't?


Olivier Lefevre