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Re: IE and Java plugin 1.3.1

> I tried to run the JCSP applets under Internet Explorer with the Java
> plugin 1.3.1 but it just does not work. Netscape does it without any
> problems...

To be more accurate: I installed JDK 1.3.1 first, including the JRE
(which it did automatically). With this it did not work - class not
found. Then I installed the 1.1.3 plugin, but it still didn't work. But
Netscape does it without any problems.

Any idea?

> Any idea what the reason is? The Java console says something like
> ClassNotFoundException, but the classpath is set properly (I tried to
> echo it from the cmd prompt and also Netscape does the applets
> properly!)
> Has (or had) anyone similar problems?
> Thanx 4 help!
> Mario