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Re: Call for papers: PDPTA 2002


Thanks to you and Hamid for passing along the early notice. I plan to 
submit again and hope this time to be able to attend! 

Viva (J)CSP :)


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On 10/5/01, 11:53:29 AM, Dyke Stiles <dyke.stiles@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote 
regarding Call for papers: PDPTA 2002:

> Greetings -

> Hamid has asked me to pass the following along.

> Over the past few years we have had some good sessions on CSP and Java
> topics, and could usually count on 6-10 people around the table in the
> Monte Carlo brew pub (the waitresses now recognize us).  The Java in
> Education sessions have had audiences of 60-70.

> Can we import some of the recent mailing list and Bristol interest
> to Las Vegas???

> More western hemisphere representation would be great: Larry? Roy?
> Andrzej?

> Hamid is very accommodating - to a large extent, we can really design
> our own sessions.

> Over the past couple of years we have also seen some very good sessions
> in the other areas - people seem to be using PDPTA as a vehicle to stage
> their own special topic mini-conferences.

> Suggestions on people to whom I should forward this call are appreciated.

> BTW - the flights back from Bristol were very nice - all right on time
> and only about 60% full. And we can hope that the recent drop in fares
> will hold through next summer...

> Dyke.

>                  C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S
>                  =============================

>    The 2002 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed
>              Processing Techniques and Applications
>                           (PDPTA'02)

>                        June 24 - 27, 2002
>              Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

> The 2002 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed
> Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'02) will be held
> in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 24 - 27, 2002.
> The PDPTA'02 Conference will be held simultaneously (ie, same
> location and dates) with a number of other international
> conferences and workshops (CISST'02, IC-AI'02, IC'02, METMBS'02,
> CIC'02, ...)

> The last conference (PDPTA'01) had research contributions from
> 52 countries (the event held in Las Vegas had over 1400
> participants from all over the world.)  It is hoped that
> PDPTA'02 will also have a strong international flavor.

> You are invited to submit a draft paper of about 5 pages
> and/or a proposal to organize a technical session/workshop (see
> below for submission information).  All accepted papers will be
> published in the conference proceedings.


> SCOPE: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to,
> the following:

>        O  Parallel/Distributed applications:
>           Numerical computations/methods, neural networks and
>           fuzzy logic, medicine, remote sensing, GIS, computer
>           vision, computer graphics and virtual reality,
>           parallel/distributed databases, banking, financial
>           markets, ...
>        O  Parallel/Distributed architectures:
>           Clusters and parallel systems of various topologies,
>           supercomputers, shared memory, distributed memory,
>           general- and special-purpose architectures,
>           instructional level parallelism, ...
>        O  Building block processors:
>           Applications of processors that can be used as basic
>           building blocks for multicomputer systems.
>        O  Networks and Interconnection networks:
>           Scalable networks, Reconfigurable networks, routing
>           issues, general-purpose network performance for
>           distributed applications, network protocols, ATM-based
>           systems, internet technology, Optical interconnections
>           and computing,  ...
>        O  Reliability and fault-tolerance:
>           Software and hardware fault-tolerance (system- and
>           application-level), fault diagnosis, fault-tolerance
>           measurement.
>        O  Performance analysis, evaluation, prediction, ...
>        O  Real-time and embedded systems:
>           Small-scale parallel systems for high-performance
>           control, data acquisition, and analysis; configuration,
>           routing, scheduling, performance guarantees.
>        O  Parallel/Distributed algorithms:
>           Algorithms exploiting clusters and general-purpose
>           distributed and parallel systems, new vector/pipeline
>           issues, shared memory, distributed memory,
>           virtual memory, ...
>        O  Mobile computation and communication.
>        O  Object Oriented Technology and related issues.
>        O  Multimedia Communications, Systems, and Applications:
>           High-speed networking, multimedia architectures and
>           protocols, multimedia applications, quality of service
>           support, operating system and networking support,
>           internet tools and applications, audio/video delivery
>           over the internet, ...
>        O  Software tools and environments for parallel and
>           distributed platforms: Operating systems, compilers,
>           languages, debuggers, monitoring tools, software
>           engineering on parallel/distributed systems, ...
>        O  High-performance computing in Computational Science:
>           Intra-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research
>           programs and applications.
>        O  Information and data fusion.
>        O  Petri Nets: theory, analysis, tools and applications
>        O  Web-based simulation and computing.
>        O  Education: parallel and distributed processing in
>           computer science curriculum (both graduate and
>           undergraduate levels.)
>        O  Recent history (last decade) of parallel/distributed
>           processing and what to expect during the next decade
>           if history repeats itself; New horizons.
>        O  Other aspects and applications relating to
>           high-performance computations.


>       Prospective authors are invited to submit three copies
>       of their draft paper (about 5 pages - single space, font size
>       of 10 to 12) to H. R. Arabnia (address is given below) by the
>       due date.  E-mail and Fax submissions are also acceptable.
>       The length of the Camera-Ready papers (if accepted) will be
>       limited to 7 (IEEE style) pages.  Papers must not have been
>       previously published or currently submitted for publication
>       elsewhere.

>       The first page of the draft paper should include:
>       title of the paper, name, affiliation, postal address,
>       E-mail address, telephone number, and Fax number for
>       each author.  The first page should also include the
>       name of the author who will be presenting the paper
>       (if accepted) and a maximum of 5 keywords.


>       Each technical session will have at least 6 paper
>       presentations.  The session chairs will be responsible
>       for all aspects of their sessions; including, soliciting
>       papers, reviewing, selecting, ...  The names of session
>       chairs will appear as Associate Editors in the conference
>       proceedings.  After the conference, some sessions will
>       be considered for publication in appropriate journals as
>       Special Issues with the session proposer as the Guest
>       Editor of the journal.

>       Proposals to organize technical sessions should include
>       the following information: name and address (+ E-mail)
>       of proposer, title of session, a 100-word description of
>       the topic of the session, and a short description on
>       how the session will be advertised (in most cases,
>       session proposers solicit papers from colleagues and
>       researchers whose work is known to the session proposer).
>       Mail your proposal to H. R. Arabnia (address is given
>       below); E-mail submissions are preferred.


>       Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance,
>       clarity, and soundness.  Each paper will be refereed by
>       two researchers in the topical area.  The Camera-Ready
>       papers will be reviewed by one person.


>       The conference proceedings will be published by CSREA
>       Press (ISBN) in hardcopy.  It will be a multivolume set.
>       The proceedings will be available at the conference.
>       Some accepted papers will also be considered for journal
>       publication (soon after the conference).  (In addition
>       to the hardcopy, it is also planned to publish the
>       papers on a CD.)


>       A number of university faculty members and their staff
>       in cooperation with the Monte Carlo Resort (Conference
>       Division, Las Vegas ), will be organizing the conference.
>       The conference will be sponsored by World Academy of
>       Sciences and co-sponsored by Computer Science Research,
>       Education, & Applications Press (CSREA: USA Federal
>       EIN # 58-2171953) together with research centers,
>       international associations, international research groups,
>       and developers of high-performance machines and systems.
>       The complete list of sponsors and co-sponsors will be
>       available at a later time.
>       (Previous conferences' sponsors included: CSREA,
>       the National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the
>       Environment - DOE, The International Association for
>       Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, The International
>       Technology Institute (ITI), The Java High Performance
>       Computing research group, World Scientific and Engineering
>       Society, Sundance Digitial Signal Processing Inc., the
>       Computer Vision Research and Applications Tech., ...)


>       The conference will be held in the Monte Carlo Resort
>       hotel Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (with any overflows at
>       other near-by hotels).  The Monte Carlo Resort is a mega
>       hotel with excellent conference facilities and over 3,000
>       rooms.  The hotel is minutes from the Las Vegas airport
>       with 24-hour shuttle service to and from the airport.
>       This hotel has many vacation and recreational attractions,
>       including: waterfalls, casino, spa, pools & kiddie pools,
>       sunning decks, Easy River water ride, wave pool with
>       cascades, lighted tennis courts, health spa (with workout
>       equipment, whirlpool, sauna, ...), arcade virtual reality
>       game rooms, nightly shows, snack bars, a number of
>       restaurants, shopping area, bars, ...  Many of these
>       attractions are open 24 hours a day and most are suitable for
>       families and children.  The negotiated hotel's room rate
>       for conference attendees is very reasonable (79USD + tax)
>       per night (no extra charge for double occupancy) for the
>       duration of the conference.

>       The hotel is within walking distance from most other
>       Las Vegas attractions (major shopping areas, recreational
>       destinations, fine dining and night clubs, free street
>       shows, ...).
>       For the benefit of our international colleagues: the
>       state of Nevada neighbors with the states of California,
>       Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.  Las Vegas is only a
>       few driving hours away from other major cities, including:
>       Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Grand Canyon, ...


>       An exhibition is planned for the duration of the conference.
>       Interested parties should contact H. R. Arabnia (address is
>       given below).  All exhibitors will be considered to be the
>       co-sponsors of the conference.


>       Feb.  22, 2002 (Friday):    Draft papers (about 5 pages) due
>       March 21, 2002 (Thursday):  Notification of acceptance
>       April 22, 2002 (Monday):    Camera-Ready papers & Prereg. due
>       June 24-27, 2002:           PDPTA'02 International Conference

>       Proposals to organize technical sessions should be submitted
>       as soon as possible.  All accepted papers are expected to be
>       presented at the conference.


>       The Program Committee is currently being formed.  Those
>       interested in joining the Program Committee should email
>       H. R. Arabnia (hra@xxxxxxxxxx) the following information:
>       Name, affiliation and position, complete mailing address,
>       email address, tel/fax numbers, a short biography
>       together with research interests.


>       It is planned to add other related conferences, symposiums,
>       and workshops to be held simultaneously (same location and
>       dates) creating an international multiconference in
>       computer science.  Each conference will have it's own
>       proceedings and technical/research sessions.  Contact
>       H. R. Arabnia (hra@xxxxxxxxxx) if you are interested in
>       organizing a conference, symposium, or a workshop.
>       (The 2001 International Multiconference in Computer Science
>       attracted over 1,400 participants from over 52 countries.)


>           Hamid R. Arabnia
>           The University of Georgia
>           Department of Computer Science
>           415 Graduate Studies Research Center
>           Athens, Georgia 30602-7404, U.S.A.

>           Tel: (706) 542-3480
>           Fax: (706) 542-2966
>           E-mail: hra@xxxxxxxxxx

> Refer to http://www.ashland.edu/~iajwa/conferences/ for
> up-to-date information (currently under construction; will be
> available soon.)

> --
> ==============================================================
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> Professor
> Electrical and Computer Engineering
> Utah State University
> 4120 Old Main Hill
> Logan Utah 84322-4120
> Email: dyke.stiles@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Phone: +1-435-797-2840
> FAX:   +1-435-797-3840
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