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CSP for the masses

Opportunity knocks for CSP? The Java-Apache organisation, aka Jakarta, is
developing some concurrency tools as part of a sub-project. Their approach
is familiar - pre-CSP:

"Avalon Excalibur's concurrency management utilities are in the
org.apache.avalon.excalibur.concurrent package. They give you important
thread handling classes like Lock (a Mutex implementation),
DjikstraSemaphore, ThreadBarrier, and ConditionalEvent."


This is open-source software and is widely used (Apache, Tomcat, SOAP,
Xerxes, Xalan etc). Some of these projects are being absorbed into the Web
Services framework. If the CSP model is ever going to be widely used it will
have to emerge through a channel like this.

Whoever writes the code wins. Can a CSP framework be contributed by the
Java-literate CSP community?