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Re: Real-time Java?

>    In "RE: Java Live | January 9, 2001" somebody mentioned
>    http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~mdw/proj/sandstorm/.
>    In one of the papers refernced there (The Staged Event-Driven
>    Architecture for Highly Concurrent Servers.)NBIO.net is mentioned:
>    4.2.1 "Sandstorm's socket layer makes use of NBIO, a Java library
>    providing native code wrappers to O/S-level nonblocking I/O and event
>    delivery machanisms, such as the UNIX poll system call. This interface
>    is necessary as the standard Java library does not provide nonblocking
>    I/O".
>    Peter, _could_ this be the "There's a new package coming out for Java
>    1.4 - java.nio ("new I/O" ?)" which you mention? 

No, 1.4 java.nio (JCP JSR-51) is different. It contains similar
functionality though. Matt Welsh (who made NBIO) is on the internal
"expert group".  I am too.  The preliminary specs for nio should be
out within a month or so, and beta implementation should be out within
a few(?)  months.  You can find out a little more about it now at

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