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Re: Real-time Java?

oyvind.teig@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Sun's process is at http://www.rtj.org/
> (You probably knew that already)

I had a look at this briefly and have forgotten most. But two things
stuck in my mind:

*) it relies on a totally separate heap from normal Java. All RT classes
derive from a different root than java.lang.Object, i.e. there is a
similar but separate inheritance tree. By this means, garbage collection
can be put into the programmer's control, but without affecting existing
Java (java.lang.Oject derived) semantics.

*) there are loads of other issues, but I was struck by the inter-thread
channels. These clearly take their origin from the
PipedInputStream/PipedOutpuStream i/o stuff. What they are trying to
achieve is occam (/CSP) channels. What they actually have is some
muddled hybrid in which either end (but not both) is non-blocking, the
opposite end being blocking. Yuk! A total mess: Entia non sunt
multiplicanda praeter necessitatatem I say!


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