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RE: Java Live | January 9, 2001


   When it comes to UML and data-flow I have always remembered
   this paper: (UML Summary, v1.1) (I think I have used it in one of my


   "A frequently asked question has been, "Why doesn't UML support
   data-flow diagrams?" Simply put, data-flow and other diagram types that
   were not included in the UML do not fit as cleanly into a consistent
   object-oriented paradigm. Activity diagrams accomplish much of what
   people want from DFDs, and then some; activity diagrams are also useful
   for modeling workflow. The authors of the UML are clearly promoting the
   UML diagrams above over all others for object-oriented projects, but
   don't necessarily condemn all other diagrams. We believe we defined a
   set of successful and practical techniques, fitting within a consistent

   Bran Selic, who used to work for (own, I believe) ObjecTime, but was
   bought by Rational, is working on real-time UML. I think he IS real-time
   UML. He is a very knowledgable person, and quite likes and understands
   CSP, I believe. He is the guy to contact to show the CSP/UML stuff to,
   Gerald. He's often in Europe, I've actually met him at a conference here
   in Norway.

   Also see "UML Point/Counterpoint: Modeling Complex Behavior Simply"
   where Mellor and Selic discuss things:

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