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The CTJ kernel has been translated to C and C++ -- called CTC and CTC++. At
this moment CTC++ provides a C++ API for CTC.
CTC and CTC++ have been ported to i386 and Pentium. CTC has also been ported
to a TMS320F240 DSP processor.

The ComsTime score on a K6-II 333MHz (~ Pentium II 333MHz) with CTC++ is

- 113 us/cycle (with 5 switches per cycle)
- 22.6 us/context-switch

- channels optimized for single-reader-single-writer
- channels optimized with fast Hoare's monitor implementation
- compiled with djgpp -O2 flag
- PAR in Delta
- enabled preemptive scheduling and ready for PRIPAR
- no inline optimization
- almost exact copy of CTJ (very OO)
- under Windows 98 in a MS-DOS box