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RE: Inheritance that can add/remove and new occam?

Brian writes:
> I am not sure what you are requesting here.  In a truly parallel 
> system it is not possible to stop listening.  All input messages must 
> be processed or at least buffered and then over written.  
> In occam channels can be created and destroyed but this requires
> the co-operation of both ends.  Also both the occam and C compilers 
> had library calls which allowed the user to guard a channel input 
> or output with a timeout.  If the call was not completed in
> the timout period the channel was killed.

I think I want something like this:

PROC Test (CHAN OF XX chanIn.a, CHAN OF GHOST <chanIn.g><server>)
    chan.a ? input.a
      ... Process input.a
    <chanIn.g> -- This code is attached dynamically and
      -- exists in some other source file, and is sent by
      -- some run-time system when another process installs it.
I would like to remove the code as well, and I would like to
control outputs the same way. Maybe this whole idea is stupid,
because we might get into all sorts of inheritance problems
and aliasing and you name it?


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