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Re: Quixotic thought #57: Software salvation via JCSP

"Campbell, John" wrote:
> Hi
> Summarizing, the idea has been tossed around that a
> demonstration product would "prove" the merits of CSP
> to the world:
> > the possibility of persuasion by developing the kind of "product" for
> > which there is already widespread interest.
> Here's my own idea of the ideal demonstration: a wireless
> telephone, implemented entirely in one high level language,
> (either occam or java), both hardware and software.  The
> hardware should be asynchronous.
> This would generate interest from a number of communities.
> Telecom is hot right now. Seamless integration of software/hardware
> would get the attention of the co-design crowd.  Asynchronous h/w
> design is considered difficult, is very quiet (no clock synchronization)
> and low power.  CSP based design could unify it all.  Maybe with Adrian's
> Continuous CSP, you could even do the analog design.
> Think of it! The entire design in one language...OK, so I'm a dreamer.

That's the motivation for Continuous CSP. Including (in principle)
compositional proof of correctness of the whole thing. And possible
extension into more exciting stuff like quantum computation. One day.

Dr A E Lawrence (from home)