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Re: A path for CSP-based

A while back, Larry wrote:

> This exchange is great... but don't give up too quickly, Marcel, you can
> only expect to START change in a moment, not complete it.

This WORRIES me:
> My contention is that we can punch through the fog with this one simple
> fact: rigorous channel based CSP (occam) programming creates software
> components that behave logically identically to hardware components.
> I know we have to fight against the fact that "component" has already

> been appropriated by the OO crowd, but their component requires giant
> ...

> > ...WEB...
> In other words, at any moment, it is practically CSP.

I would advice NOT to FIGHT, but to EXPLOIT.  These people are heading
in the right direction, and we should PULL them further towards CSP

> Software components that are logically IDENTICAL to hardware
> plug-ins.
Indeed, and we are NOT the only people knowing that.  People having
Components in mind, think the same.  However, their implementation
introduces lots of problems in many cases.

> But if we can convince them that programming a specific project is
> much quicker and cheaper using our techniques, then problem
> avoidance IS (budget) problem solving.
True... however it is difficult to make a case to Project Leaders that
have to make profit `yesterday'.

> If you give me your snail mail address, I can send you a copy of my
> component article... Peter knows about it.