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Pipework: plumbing instead of programming.

"Component technology is sometimes used as a synonym for visual 
assembly of pre-fabricated components. Indeed, for relatively simple 
applications,  wiring  components is surprisingly productive for 
example, JavaSoft s BeanBox lets a user connect beans visually and 
displays such connections as pieces of pipework: plumbing instead of 
It is useful to take a look behind the scenes. When wiring or 
 plumbing  components, the visual assembly tool registers event 
listeners with event sources. For example, if the assembly of a 
button and a text field should clear the text field whenever the 
button is pressed, then the button is the event source of the event 
 button pressed  and the text field is listening for this event."

ObjectView #5 www.ratio.co.uk (page 14: in Components vs. objects)


But we have the infrastructure (CSP) built into the language,
don't we?


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