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Re: Formal Java?

Dyke Stiles wrote:
> Hi -
> The June issue of IEEE computer has an article "The Real-Time
> Specification of Java" by Bollella & Gosling, with a header that
> says: "The RTSJ provides a platform that will let programmers
> correctly reason about the temporal behavior of executing software..."
> Also included is "Real-Time Distributed Object Computing: An Emerging
> Field" by Shokri & Sheu.
> Also articles on Components, Real-Time CORBA Specification, Modeling
> with UML, APIs for Real-Time Distributed Object Computing

Mike Spivey made a excellent comment in a contribution to the Z user
list this week. 

"The real benefit of UML is that it lets you specify systems you don't
understand.  The real benefit of mathematics is that it doesn't let
you do that."


Dr A E Lawrence (from home)