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Re: JavaOne - papers on HotSpot

> Thread Synchronisation: Performance Breakthrough

The HotSpot JVM is good news.  JavaPP/occam will simply ride on the back
of it.  JavaPP offers security through a simpler and theoretically sound
programming/design model, imposing `practically' no additional overhead
on that imposed by the underlying JVM.

Sun don't actually quote any times yet for the HotSpot `breakthrough'
synchronization mechanism.  KRoC now sports a 122 nanosecond context
switch on an UltraSPARC, still using the transputer algorithms designed
and implemented 15 years ago ...

> For Developers
>    * The cost of writing highly factored, fine-grain code in an
>      object-oriented style will drop dramatically
>    * Don't worry about the cost of thread synchronization

I think they've been reading someone's occam course notes!