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Re: [External] CSP questions


I tried to send the following message with an attachment - but occam-com did not like it, presumably because of the attachment (or at least did not echo to me). If anyone is interested, please email me personally and I will supply a copy of the ten-page discussion.


Great to hear from you, Øyvind! And be reminded there’s a wide world out there, including you and XMOS . . . I’ve had my nose buried deeply in CSP stuff, learning about Z notation and lambda calculus and mu expressions - finally figuring out some of the page-long expressions in the CSP papers in WoTUG-21 . . . I think (apparent error in expression (32) on p 125, aha!).

But I’ve got a quasi-CSP analysis of a pair of programs (ten pages from my book) which I haven’t quite aligned with the various flavors of real CSP. I’ve passed it to some of you already. Here it is for anyone who wants to express an opinion . . . I am claiming the two programs are equivalent in a way (stable state) that I invented before learning about CSP, though I was familiar with occam. The example is simple but not quite trivial.