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Communicating Process Architectures (CPA) 2015: David May keynote

 |                                                                 |
 |        Communicating Process Architectures (CPA) 2015           |
 |                                                                 |
 |  The 37th. WoTUG Conference on Concurrent and Parallel Systems  |
 |                                                                 |
 |  Sunday (evening) 23rd. - Wednesday (lunch) 26th. August 2015   |
 |                                                                 |
 |                 http://www.wotug.org/cpa2015/                   |
 |                                                                 |
 |     Host institute: School of Computing, University of Kent     |
 |                                                                 |

This is the second *Call for Participants* for CPA 2015.

NEW in this call:

  * We are pleased to announce David May, FRS, as the second of our Keynote
    speakers for CPA 2015.  David is Professor of Computer Science at
    Bristol University, UK.  He was the architect of the Inmos Transputer
    -- the first microprocessor designed to support multiprocessing -- and
    the designer of the OCCAM concurrent programming language.  In 2005, he
    co-founded XMOS: a fabless semiconductor company that develops intelligent
    multicore microcontrollers that execute multiple real-time tasks, DSP,
    and control flow concurrently, with entirely predictable behavior.
    David was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1990 for
    his contributions to computer architecture and parallel computing,
    and a Fellow of the UK Royal Academy of Engineering in 2010.

    David joins Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO of Altreonic, as Keynote speaker.
    Eric led the development of the Virtuoso multi-board RTOS, used in the
    ESA's Rosetta space mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Virtuoso
    was the first distributed RTOS on the transputer and its successor
    developments -- such as OpenComRTOS, a formal redevelopment from scratch,
    and VirtuosoNext, featuring fine-grain space partitioning -- all apply the
    valuable principles and lessons learned from CSP, the transputer and occam.

  * The provisional programme of keynote talks, accepted papers, workshops
    and fringe presentations is available at:


CPA 2015 remains open for further proposals for workshops and fringe
presentations -- see:


CPA is concerned with concurrency at all scales.  It aims to bridge
the gap between the mathematical theory of concurrency and its practical
application to the design, implementation and validation of parallel
applications for embedded, multicore and distributed computing systems.
Further information on the themes for CPA can be found in the Call for
Papers (now closed):


Registration is open for CPA 2015:


The above page also gives details of student bursaries, sponsored by WoTUG.
Bursaries will provide a discount of between £150 and £100, depending on
demand, from the registration fee (£275).  This fee covers:

  * attendance at all conference, workshop and fringe sessions;
  * coffee/tea breaks, lunches and evening meals, including
    the conference dinner;
  * one copy of the Proceedings.

Bed and breakfast accommodation (£39.50 per night) is available at Keynes
College at the University of Kent, which is the venue for the conference.

Day rates for attendance are available: follow the registration link above.

Thank you for reading this Call.  Please forward to colleagues who might
like to know about CPA 2015.  Please contact me directly if you need
any further information.

Peter Welch (Emeritus Professor of Parallel Computing, University of Kent)