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SV: [External] Re: CPA2014

I take this as a compliment!-)



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Sendt: 29. august 2014 11:06
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Emne: [External] Re: CPA2014


Hi all,


I think I made a glaring mistake - I'd thought I'd seen Tony Hoare briefly at the CPA conference but I now think I'm mistaken.


How embarrassing!






On 28 August 2014 14:42, Rick Beton <rick.beton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All,


Having thoroughly enjoyed this week's CPA2014 conference in Oxford, I wrote a summary of some of my thoughts in my blog (and on other channels such as Google+ for my Equal Experts co-workers).


Before I publicise and send this out more widely, I would be pleased to receive your own comments, especially if you were there too.


I should emphasise that I wrote my piece for an external audience of people, some of whom will be either ignorant or sceptical of process-oriented thinking. Please don't infer from the highlights I selected that other cpa2014 topics were inferior.