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Adapteva Parallella + Arduissimo : Multi-virtual-Core Arduino

I do not know how interested this group will be in this, but it may interest a few :

1) The Adapteva Parallella 18 core credit-card sized Linux boards are now shipping in quantity, my two arrived yesterday. 
Now to get my Apl port up and running on them.

2) Arduissimo: MultiCore Arduino
Well the guy I was taking about below (Tobias Strauch [tobias@xxxxxxxxx]) has soft/firm/hard-ware that he believes is ready to go live - : I have been making (I hope useful) comments to this guy for some time, and he has (yesterday) started a crowdfunding project to make this happen :

Not intended for high-performance computing, but where a program is better split into cooperating parts, and as a system to learn, study, develop multitasking, it should be a wonderful tool :
Arduissimo: MultiCore Arduino for more Arduino and Raspberry Pi Interfacing
think of a Arduino / Raspbery Pi with multiple virtual processors, and you won't be far away. We hope he has added a chunky enough memory that I will be able to run reasonable sized Apl programs in each virtual core. The link to the crowdfunding site, and details, is :

Please pass this on if you know of a better home for the information,
	Beau Webber

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Hi Richard,
Thanks for the link to http://computingatschool.org.uk/ , I have just registered.

I have a few possible fingers in this pie - I am in communication with a guy in Germany who time-slices an Arm processor so that one gets up to 16 virtual processors on a credit-card sized board; I am also waiting for a student in the USA to complete his thesis and have the time to talk to me about the Beowulf Raspberry Pi cluster he has produced. I see both of these as being highly relevant to  the school multi-processor scenario. I am porting an array manipulation language to them.

My particular interest is in the intersection of agile/concise array programming with parallel processing. I believe that this to be the direction in which I would like to see new developments taking place.