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Re: Occam-Tau anyone???


Nice idea. My only quibble is that the part you left out --- "alternation (external choice)" --- is the very top one on my list of priorities! The splitting into two streams is easy in bash (i.e. tee), but ALT-ing them back together seems to be impossible, and using different "number" streams was NOT successful when I tried to get two STDINs to work. Entities breaking on either spaces or on '\n' seem natural units for such "channels" to deliver.

Question (and I know I'm showing my ignorance here): what is the "aliasing" against which all the non-occam languages are unsafe?


On Oct 5, 2012, at 11:18 AM, Fred Barnes <F.R.M.Barnes@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Larry writes:
>> The right way to combine "good enough" with "provably correct" is to =
>> create a scripting language. A bash-like language that provided true =
>> occam "plumbing" (e.g. multiple STDINs with ALT) and really allowed =
>> intermingling of IO from standard programs would be a hit pretty =
>> quickly, I daresay.
> Agreed!  We had plans for similar some years ago (2003), which I wrote up
> here:
>    http://frmb.org/oscript.html
> implementations welcome!  (I started but never finished..)
> Cheers,
> -- Fred