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Re: CPA 2012 Edinburgh-Dundee cab share?

Hi Peter, Oyvind,

I have kindly been offered a lift by Bill Gardner, who will pick me up from
Edinburgh Airport at around 12:45 (Sunday). I haven't heard from anybody else arriving at the same approximate time as I.

There is a direct bus to Dundee bus station from Edinburgh Airport, leaving at 15 past every hour, taking 2hrs10min.
This may be a cheap and simple alternative at UKP 13.75 (uk.Megabus.com)
It is easier and probably even faster than taking bus to one of the Edinburgh Railway stations and then the train. Maybe in your case 20 mins between plane arrival and bus departure is too short to be helpful, I don't know.

I haven't checked what the time tables are for bus+train.



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Hi Herman, Oyvind et al,

I'm flying directly into Dundee Airport with the Air France flight from
London City Airport - arriving at Dundee: 17:55 (Sunday 26 August 2012).

Matt Pedersen is also on this flight ... anyone else?