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Final call for papers -- CPA 2012 -- deadline extended

Hi all,

Since several authors have asked for a deadline extension (obviously
you've all been out carrying the Olympic Torch or celebrating the
Queen's Diamond Jubilee this week), we're going to extend the submission
deadline until Sunday June 17th.

If you need to make use of the extension, we'd really appreciate it if
you could sent a draft of your abstract to cpa2012@xxxxxxxxx as soon as
possible, so we can make a head start on assigning reviewers.

If you're a PhD student, note that we still have a few travel bursaries
available -- see the conference web site!

Thanks very much,
Adam Sampson, CPA 2012

                        === CPA 2012 ===
                Communicating Process Architectures

                   University of Abertay Dundee
                       26th-29th August 2012


This is the Call for Papers for Communicating Process Architectures
2012, the 34th WoTUG conference on concurrent and parallel programming.

CPA 2012 will be held at the University of Abertay Dundee, starting on
the evening of Sunday 26th August, and finishing at midday on Wednesday
29th August.

CPA is concerned with concurrency at all scales. It aims to bridge the
gap between the mathematical theory of concurrency and its practical
application to the design, implementation and validation of parallel
applications for embedded, multicore and distributed computing systems.

Areas of interest to the CPA community include, but are not limited to:

- design and implementation of programming languages and environments
  for concurrent systems;
- runtime environments for parallel and distributed applications;
- design patterns and implementation techniques for concurrent software;
- theoretical approaches to concurrency, and formal languages supporting
  these approaches, including the integration of existing and novel
  formal notations;
- modelling and model-driven development of concurrent software
- verification and analysis of concurrent systems;
- model-checking techniques and tools for development and analysis;
- design of multicore processors and parallel computer architectures;
- theoretical approaches, tools and languages for hardware-software
- hardware and software approaches to reconfigurable computing;
- the teaching of concurrency at high-school, university and
  postgraduate level;
- concurrent applications within academia and industry, such as complex
  systems simulation, robotic control and high-performance network
- reports on experience with concurrency in an industrial context.

CPA is an open-access conference: accepted papers will be published in
the CPA 2012 Proceedings, and made freely available from the WoTUG
papers archive. All submissions will be refereed by an international
panel of academic and industrial reviewers, with extensive feedback
given to authors. Submissions are due by **17th June 2012**; author
notification will be by **9th July 2012**.

CPA runs in a single track over two and a half days, with space for
approximately 25 half-hour presentations. In addition, two evening
fringe sessions provide a forum for presenting and discussing work in
progress. The conference registration fee, which we aim to keep under
£350, will include en-suite accommodation and all meals. A limited
number of bursaries will be available to support PhD students attending
the conference.

For more information on CPA 2012, please see the conference web site:

If you are planning on attending CPA 2012 -- or if you have any
questions about the conference -- then please let us know at:

We look forward to seeing you in Dundee in August!