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Re: Priority receives in Erlang

Hi Peter

Thanks for spending some time with Erlang. I was hoping that some old
Occam hands would give it a try. Erlang has some attractive features.

I see you have posted to erlang-questions@xxxxxxxxxx

Best regards

Bob Gustafson

On Fri, 2012-02-24 at 19:33 +0000, P.H.Welch wrote:
> Dear Matt, PLASmids, CRGers, occam-com, java-threads, et al.,
> Apologies for multiple sends - we must rationalise our mailing lists!
> I'm getting to grips with Erlang.  I'm puzzled by some things so am seeking
> feedback on my understanding.  Please respond if anything below seems wrong
> or unfair!  I'd be especially grateful for pointers to Erlang literature
> that's relevant.  Thanks.
> Question 10.15 at:
>   http://www.erlang.org/faq/academic.html
> asks: "Can a process receive messages with varying priorities?".