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Call for authors


I'm writing to you as a former associate in either teaching or research to pass on a call for authors of textbooks in a new Electronics, Systems, and Programming (ESP) series.

The intention of this series is to provide textbooks in, or directly related to, Computer Systems Engineering that are affordable, while retaining the highest academic quality.  (I hope you agree that the current high price has deterred students from buying them.  As well as harming their study, this also reduces the (functional and financial) return to an author.)  Our target price is £25 for paper copy, and just £7.50 for electronic (e-book).  We nevertheless remain able to offer more than three times the royalty typical with a 'big-name' publisher.  Combined with increased sales, due to the lower market price, your return might be ten times that with the big boys.

We are also able to facilitate (technically competent) Chinese translation.

If you're interested then please get in touch.  You'll find us friendly and supportive.  (OCP has been created by authors, for authors.)

Best wishes
PS  We'd be very grateful if you would forward this email to others in your department, and to anyone who may be interested.

Ian East PhD BSc
Open Channel Publishing Ltd.
(Reg. in England, Company Number 6818450)

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