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RE: Race condition...

Fwd: [uClinux-dev] Re: elf2flt homepage

I was going through my old email files and I thought this fit into some of the stuff that was being discussed, e.g. Tony on abstraction and Eric on too complex state machines. These guys do Linux on a static foundation, which eliminates a lot of uncontrollable unknowns.

Larry Dickson

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Subject: Fwd: [uClinux-dev] Re: elf2flt homepage

FLAT format executables...

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Robin Getz wrote:
> On Mon 18 Jan 2010 19:22, Mike Frysinger pondered:
>> before i started working at ADI, i had only vaguely heard of
>> "elf2flt", and tried to locate it myself a few times.  google results
>> never really turned up anything useful, and even now, i see nothing
>> has changed when googling "elf2flt".
> you mean random elf2flt questions on mailing lists don't help? :)

Good one.

I agree with Mike that the flat model format bFLT and its tools need a
better public face.  Including insight/documentation of the format and
its tools.      I also see that other orphaned bits like cramfs are also
in the same boat as well.

>> if you were so lucky as to come
>> across the cvs repo, the dearth of information leaves newbies just as
>> clueless.  FLAT information in general is kind of hard to come by and
>> knowledge is largely stored in people's heads rather than written out
>> clearly.
>> i think the community would benefit greatly from having a homepage for
>> this utility.  ive started documenting things here:
>> https://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=toolchain:elf2flt
> If anyone wants edit to the wiki - just ask.
>> but i think there should be uclinux.org tie in ... we could do
>> something like http://uclinux.org/elf2flt/ or
>> http://elf2flt.uclinux.org/ to bolster google rank.  then there would
>> be an "elf2flt" link on the left side of http://uclinux.org/.
>> if people are OK with the wiki, we can have those URLs merely redirect
>> to the above.  it would make maintaining easier instead of having to
>> maintain HTML/CSS or something, and anyone can register an account via
>> the web interface.  if people prefer to keep content on uclinux.org,
>> we already have wiki->html cronjobs running, so we could easily hook
>> in a step to sync a few pages to uclinux.org.
> I'm Ok with either.

I will set up bflt.uclinux.org and elf2flt.uclinux.org and have them
redirected to
a page such as www.uclinux.org/bFLT  as well as add  the link to the
side bar.

From that page I will add the link to the wiki page:
>> i'll probably start a FLAT page as well using this as a base:
>> http://www.beyondlogic.org/uClinux/bflt.htm
> Need to check with Craig Peacock first. (Craig.Peacock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

I have already dropped him an email requesting permissions to move his
excellent piece over to uclinux.org/bFLT.

Michael Durrant

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