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Re: [pop-dev] Go - a new language from Google

2009/11/11 Adam Sampson <A.T.Sampson@xxxxxxxxxx>
... Go is *very* occam-ish (channels, FORK, ALT, explicit type conversion, array slicing, carefully-controlled references...), to the point where it's essentially the "occam 4" spec I was working on. I'm happy to let Thompson, Pike et al. do the work instead. ;-)

There's just a bit too much C heritage:

* They don't need goto or continue IM-Not-So-HO.ÂÂ :)ÂÂÂ (they did away with do and while but left these - odd!)

* They seem to have a bit of muddle over pointers vs references. Surely they don't really need both.

Looks like Go has already got its fair share of historical baggage. What started out seeming so promising is actually a bit tainted. Ho hum.