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Re: SV: [pop-dev] Go - a new language from Google

Adan wrote:
> > How about putting commstime.go as a chapter on the Wikipedia page?
> I'd rather not encourage people to think that commstime is in any way a
> meaningful benchmark. ;-)

It's a benchmark for *minimun* overhead times for channel communication in
the most favourable of circumstances - i.e. 100% cache hits, all processes
in shared memory scheduled on a single core.

But it's more a demo of simple deterministic concurrency that shows how
easy it is to put things together - four processes, no races, non-trivial
activity, no deadlock, no livelock, clear external function and obviously
correct implementation.  Understand that and you've cracked the basic ideas
and can move on to real stuff.

It's the first occam program I ever wrote - during a seminar introducing
this strange new language at Imperial College (I think), given by Colin
Whitby-Strevens (newly recruited to INMOS from Warwick University) back
in 1983. Just think ... in 2013 we can convene a workshop: "Thirty Years
of CommsTime".  Apologies, :)