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RE: Quote from CACM paper: cost of parallelism

I know that game developers in general have a problem developing for the Playstation 3 due to the cell processor.  Considering the processing power available, many Playstation 3 games still come in looking and feeling more sluggish than their traditional platform counterparts.  Also, Playstation 3 games cost more to produce, although they do add more content due to the greater capacity of the Blu-ray disk.  Some developers actually avoid the Playstation 3 due to the costs involved.  Not a counterexample I'm afraid, but more evidence to suggest in this particular domain it is currently the case.

On that note, I have chatted to a number of game developers, and some believe parallelisation to be a big area to explore to increase game performance.  Might be a research direction to look into for someone.


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Can the CSP world provide any counterexamples to the following? A colleage

 ''I found this re-quote in the paper Optimistic Parallelism Requires
Abstractions, Kulkarni et. al., Communications of the ACM September 2009
Vol 52. No. 9, DOI:10.1145/1562164.1562188:

"Tim Sweeney, who designed the multithreaded Unreal game engine, estimates
that writing multithreaded code tripled software costs at Epic Games"

The original quote is from the webpage below, and has slightly different

"Implementing a multithreaded system requires two to three times the
development and testing effort of implementing a comparable
non-multithreaded system, so it's vital that developers focus on
self-contained systems that offer the highest effort-to-reward ratio."

Both the paper and the interview are worth reading, for what they say
about auto-parallelising and irregular application parallelism.''




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