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CPA 2009 Fringe programme - call for abstracts


       CPA 2009 : 1-4 November, 2009
       (Part of Formal Methods Week, 1-6 November, 2009)
       Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands

As usual, we will publish in the CPA Proceedings one page abstracts
submitted and accepted for the Fringe programme (Sunday and Monday
evenings).  Of course, the Fringe remains an informal set of short
presentations on new, topical or wild items relevant to the themes of
CPA - nothing needs to be written in advance.  Applications for slots
on the Fringe will be possible up until it starts!

However, if you have something interesting now and can write an abstract
in one page (using the style for main papers), please mail it to:

  cpa2009@xxxxxxxxx   P.H.Welch@xxxxxxxxxx

with the subject title: "CPA Fringe".  To get into the Proceedings,
we need this by this coming Wednesday, 9th. September, 2009.

Submissions will be reviewed by the CPA Editorial Board - acceptance
is not guaranteed!

Key URLs:


Note: actual registration is handled through the Formal Methods Week
pages (linked from the above).  The Early Registration deadline is
the 14th. September.

Note: the CPA registration fee covers all meals, including dinners
(Sunday/Monday) and the Conference Dinner (Tuesday), proceedings
and fringe sessions (Sunday/Monday evenings).  The Fringe sessions
will be at the Sandton Hotel - the Sunday/Monday dinners will be
at a restaurant adjacent to the Sandton, just before the Fringe
sessions.  It is suggested that you book into the Sandton.

Note: the CPA registration fee does *not* cover your hotel bill!
The FM Week registration system will book you into the your hotel,
but that's all.  A special price is given via the FM Week system.
However, you may find a better deal going directly to the Sandton,
following the link on our registration page above (note: contact
details for the Sandton only seem to appear if you choose the
Dutch language pages!).

Final note: the FM Week systems lets you pay for CPA registration
(plus a mandated FM Week registration of around 35 Euros) either
by Visa or by invoicing your company/university or by direct
payment by yourself into their bank account.  If possible, please
do *not* choose the Visa payment method as we lose 4.5% of that
money through bank charges!

Many thanks,

Peter Welch.