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CPA 2009 Call-for-Pepers

Dear List Members,

Please see the Call-for-Papers for Communicating Process Architectures 2009:


This site and its parent:


have been on-line for a while and linked from the WoTUG home page ... so,
hopefully, you knew about it!  Apologies if you did not.

Key information:

  Location                    Technische Universiteit Eindhoven,
			      Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

  Paper submission            29th. June, 2009
  Notification of acceptance  31st. July, 2009
  CRC due                     31st. August, 2009
  Conference                  1st. November, 2009 (Sunday evening)
			      -> 4th. November, 2009 (Wednesday lunch)

This (TU/e) is the same venue as for CPA 2005.  This year, CPA was invited
to be part of Formal Methods Week (FMW) 2009:


which will provide a wider showcase (and respect) for what CPA does, :).
Our involvement with FMW does not alter the aims and scope for CPA - these
remain the same as ever (see the Call!).

The movement to November is new.  Informal soundings indicate that people
will still be able to attend!  Registration will be through the FMW
administration (not yet live).  CPA delegates will be encouraged to stay
together at the Crown Hotel (as in 2005), where the evening Fringe sessions
will take place.  Registration at any one event at FMW entitles entry to
any of the other events taking place concurrently.

Please submit lots of excellent papers and we look forward to seeing you
in Eindhoven in November!  :)

Many thanks,

Peter Welch.