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Re: JCSP, CSP Networking, and other some other points

Bob Gustafson <bobgus@xxxxxxx> writes:

> I rather enjoyed reading Geraint Jones's two books on Occam. The
> latest, with Michael Goldsmith - "Programming In Occam 2 (2nd Edition)
> (Paperback)" is available on Amazon.

Geraint Jones has made an updated version available for free online:

The KRoC and Transterpreter implementations of occam-pi are open-source
and available for a variety of operating systems. KRoC is included with
some Linux distributions, but it's under active development, so you're
probably better off downloading the latest version from us:

The examples from the book will work directly in KRoC provided you wrap
them in an appropriate top-level process (e.g. "PROC main (CHAN BYTE
out)") -- but the extra facilities available in occam-pi over occam 2
can be used to simplify a lot of the code.

Adam Sampson                                         <http://offog.org/>