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XMOS and seminars

Hi All,

Just in case anyone is interested but didn't see an announcement for this ... XMOS is holding some seminars on their new processor. Price is $99 (~£60 UK, at present) but this is essentially free as they say they will send you home with a low-cost development board, list price $99 (containing a 1600MIPS, 4-core processor!).

For details see http://designing.xmos.com/seminars

I've signed up for the morning session in London (the afternoon session was almost full).

They are also getting a user-group started - called "Xlinkers" - which is intended to be a meeting place for interested users and a repository of example code and applications. Browsing is open to anyone but signing up gets mailshots such as that for the seminars. See www.Xlinkers.org

[I'm sending this to occam-com as it is more closely hardware but if someone thinks it should also go to java-threads (if they are not the same by now), please tell me.]


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