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Old transputer development hardware - anyone interested?

When I left INMOS in 1991 I was allowed to take away with me the transputer development hardware that I used in my software support role while working there.

After 16 years festering in attics it is now time to find a better home for this. If anyone is interested in having some or all of the following objects
and is willing to collect them, then they are available to take away.

They are:

1 ITEM Box consisting of power supply, fan and slots for up to ten circuit boards.

1 IMSB002

2 x IMSB003

1 IMSB006

1 IMSB012

1 DT22 (TVI920) VDU

miscellaneous link cables, etc.

On the basis that interested parties will know what these are, I leave it at that for now, but if anyone wants more details then I will try to provide them.
Michael Poole
15 Heather Close, STROUD, GL5 3QY
01453 759557