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CPA 2007 - Final Call for papers


First: very many CONGRATULATIONS to Alistair McEwan (local host for
CPA 2007) on the birth of his twin sons last Wednesday!  :) :)

As he's a bit busy right now, on his behalf this is a final call
for submissions to CPA 2007:


The submission mechanism is described at:


Don't worry about paper format at this stage, although it would save
you time later (if your paper is accepted) to use the styles given
on the above page.

We just need emailed PDFs at this stage.  Your submission need not
be perfectly complete, but it should be sufficiently complete to
enable proper refereeing - i.e. the bulk of the information must
be present and any missing part should have its content summarised.

Please note that Tony Hoare has accepted our invitation to speak
... and we really want to show him a world class programme, :).

The formal deadline for submissions is this coming Friday.

Many thanks,