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RE: TechEd 2006 -- "parallelism is the new OO": JCSP vs KRoC...

Where can I find these benchmarks ? How did you take into account the
effects of the cache ?

We have also a version of OpenComRTOS running on Windows and I would like to

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Greetings -

Mario and I just did an extensive comparison on the performance of JCSP.net
and KRoC.net (pony) - and they differed only by a few %.
(The machine on which I have the exact numbers is being resurrected - I
hope; details maybe at CPA 2006??)


Chalmers, Kevin wrote:

>> ... 
> The performance is fairly reasonable on a decent machine, considering 
> the benefits of portability and mobility that you get.  It's by no 
> means up KRoC, C++CSP, or the Transterpreter speeds however.  It may 
> actually be a time to re-examine JCSP and see if it can be improved 
> considering how far Java has gone in that time.  Maybe some of the 
> known issues have been addressed?
> ...

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