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Re: RAE / conferences

Pardon my ignorance, but what is RAE?

Larry Dickson

> Hi Peter, plus CPA fraternity
> Forward at will - I am long past caring who knows I'm a heretic.
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> It became clear to me sometime ago that even 'prestigious' (ACM,
> IEEE) journals and conferences were pretty much closed shops.
> Because of things like RAE, each little club is able to promote its
> members by almost automatically rejecting papers from anyone they
> didn't admit.
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> One other thing.  In defending CPA last year, I was able to point to
> a much better than typical balance between industry and academic
> delegates.  This stuff DOES get applied more than most alternative
> approaches, perhaps because it can boast interest from theory to
> hardware.  With the massive rise of embedded systems, it's timely too.
> Resistance is NOT futile!  RAE will disappear soon enough. These
> things never succeed, by anyone's measure, in the end.
> Ian
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