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RE: AW: The world needs process-orientation

Dear All,

I am just wondering. I posted a mail with attached documents on OpenComRTOS
(our CSP-like look-alike), but saw no reaction on it until now.
Was this mail not received (e.g. too big for the mailing list server) or is
it not considered as relevant for the topic.
Feedback and review is welcome.

Best regards,

Eric Verhulst 

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> And mine,
> Nice to read stuff from Tony again, he always has a practical view of 
> what was required underpinned by sound engineering practice!
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> The coding is in Groovy, a scripting language that runs on the Java 
> platform for which I have created a number of helper classes that make 
> it easier to write parallel systems.  A brief description of the 
> relationship between Groovy and occam is given in
> http://www.wotug.org/paperdb/send_file.php?num=136
> Jon
> Jon Kerridge
> Napier University Edinburgh

Jon and all,

I took a cursory look at the Groovy and occam paper, and the thing that
struck me is that the class stuff looks like boilerplate, i.e. "class x
implements CSProcess {" looks to be functionally equivalent to "PROC x ( )"
in occam. If this sort of thing could be formalized (i.e. so an
auto-translator could work), it would reduce OO to near-harmlessness. Then a
path to writing occam harness equivalents could open up doors.

I like the idea of a scripting language. A robust OS connection that forces
it to be sane in resource usage could make scripting harnesses possible. All
of these things might be possible by using a SUBSET of currently available
stuff, chosen so that all the metaphoric garbage design is excluded.

Larry Dickson