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occam-pi.org and mailing list archives

Hi all,

We (the concurrency group at Kent) have recently set up a new home page
for occam-pi-related resources:


At the moment it's mostly links to existing pages elsewhere, but we hope
to move most of our content there, with the aim of making it a useful
starting point for occam-pi researchers and programmers. (The static
content will probably become a Wiki in the near future, to make it
easier for others to contribute to it.)

There are archives of the occam-com and java-threads lists available


The archives should be complete; if you're aware of any missing messages
then please let me know. I've configured the archiving software to
remove email addresses, since I'm aware that many people don't want
theirs published. The web archives will update automatically, lagging a
few hours behind the latest list traffic.

We've also started collecting proposals for changes to the occam-pi
language in a moderately-structured format:


(Again, this will probably turn into a Wiki in the future for

I'd like to thank the other members of the concurrency group who've
helped to set this up. If you've got any comments or suggestions,
please let me know.


Adam Sampson                                         <http://offog.org/>