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Re: Is OO a deliberate fraud?

   I agree with your statements about the publishing industry.  It's hard
   to find a good book!

   Nevertheless, Brian Goetz and our Java Concurrency Utilities Expert
   Group (JSR-166) made a valiant attempt to beat the curve :-)

     Java Concurrency in Practice

   I'd be interested to hear your comments.

It looks great.  I haven't read it myself yet, but I've had parts of
it waved in front of me by our Java concurrency expert.  He suggested
that we should put together a course based upon the book; that would
certainly fit well with our object technology theme (see

   I'd also love to read a short, example-filled book about CSP or other
   process-oriented approaches to programming.  I'm thinking of something
   with the form of JavaSpaces(*), only about CSP.  A lean, efficient
   volume with a generous complement of novel concepts and useful

He suggested that, too.  We've got a few things on our to-do list
before we can do that, but you never know.  At the very least, the
time may have come to make the connections between our OT courses and
those that we teach in CSP.  

best regards